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Maryland Clock Company

PRICE: $2,599.00

Grandfather Clocks Service and Repair

Maryland Clock Company services all floor clocks made by all manufacturers. The term grandfather, grandmother, tall case, hall clock is used to describe the many styles that we see on a daily basis. For reference we will refer to all floor clocks as grandfather clocks. If your clock needs attention it can be for a number of reasons. Most calls we receive are for clocks that are either not chiming, or not running. It must be noted that since a grandfather clock is a machine, it will need service at times. If a clock has been sitting in the same spot for years and becomes erratic it will probably need to be overhauled. This is commonly needed at least once every 10 years and is normal. To perform a professional overhaul requires removing the clockworks for repair in shop. The only time a house call may be performed in one visit is in cases of moving, etc. As with all other types of clocks, you are welcome to bring in your grandfather clock for service. We do make house calls in Anne Arundel, Calvert, and Prince Georges for a nominal fee. As always, each job may be unique, so feel free to give us a call to discuss your grandfather clock

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