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Maryland Clock Company

PRICE: $2,599.00


It is so nice to find a family business that has been around for over 40 years. I have done business with them since the store in Bowie and now in Davidsonville. Good work takes time but I am happy to see that they are busy. I have had more clocks then I can count fixed and Rick has been out to the house on service calls. I would highly recommend using this gem of a small family business. It feels great to support our local businesses. I will be back and refer many friends and family. -- James Jones

This is a very rare experience when you find a business who perform what can only be called a lost art. How many people do you know who can tear down a clock made in the 1800's, clean, repair, even customize parts like a pendulum that have been long lost in the past. Yeah you have to leave your clock for 12 weeks but every case is different and it is something that cannot be rushed. I can also say the rate charged is a very fair price when you take into consideration the skill level and rarity of the occupation.. I can also say the co owner shares the passion of these old antique clocks and all the history hidden within them. -- Ronald Fochett

I had my grandmother's mantel clock repaired by the company in 2012. I just recently noticed that the hour chime was ahead by an hour and today I called to see what could be done to fix it, as I was hesitant to force the hour hand in any way. One of the owners informed me I could move the hour hand ahead. She explained that there would be friction, but coaxed me through. She also told me that this happens when the clock winds down (perhaps I hadn't noticed before). Anyway, she was helpful and informative. By the way, I had had the clock serviced several times by another company; that group was never able to properly fix it. I will definitely come back for other clock needs in the future. -- Carolyn Ward

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